Nordson March Sphere(WR)


  1. Dual cassette load station to minimize idle time.

  2. Multi-sizes capable aligner with minimal hardware change-over required.

  3. Robust robotic wafer engine.

  4. Integrated wafer recognition for high reliability wafer handling.

  5. Compact design minimize floor space.

  6. Unique kits allow fast change-over between wafer sizes and supports multi-load for smaller wafer sizes.

  7. Highly uniform treatment and fast throughput.

Nordson March AP1000


  1. PLC controller with touch screen provides an intuitive graphical interface and real time process representation.

  2. Flexible shelf architecture allows processing of a wide variety of part carriers in either direct or downstream plasma mode.

  3. The 13.56 MHz power supply has automatic impedance matching for unparalleled process reproducibility.

  4. Proprietary software control system generates process and production data for statistical process Control.

Nordson March AP300/AP600


  1. Touch screen control and graphical user interface give real-time process information

  2. Flexible shelf architecture allows process of a wide variety of piece parts, components or carriers 

  3. 13.56MHzRF generator with automatic matching network delivers excellent process repeatability.

  4. Convenient facility hook-ups for periodic calibration requirement used in validation process.

Nordson March Flextrak-CD


  1. Highly uniform plasma with fast treatment rates

  2. Production-ready strip handling system

  3. Easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI)

  4. Service components accessible via front pull-out shelves

  5. High throughput, small footprint, low cost of ownership

Nordson March Fastrak


  1. Flexible configuration accommodates the full range of strip dimensions and magazine designs

  2. Advanced robotic handling system minimizes strip handling, pushing, pulling and reduces operator intervention 

  3. New camera-based material tracking provides 100% plasma treatment validation 

  4. High-efficiency, application specific, plasma chamber design offers Direct or Ion Free plasma treatment modes 

  5. Significantly smaller system footprint and magazine reuse capability save space and help lower cost of ownership